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Today I was going to blog about a recent wedding. Pausing for ages at my computer it was tough to select beautiful memories from a couples recent wedding day. It was tough as so many of my couples for 2020 are going through some difficult decisions right now and are emotionally drained. 

Coronavirus will continue to dominate our industry for the next few months…and beyond. I will of course blog and showcase recent weddings / pre wedding photo shoots in the coming weeks, for now I would like to provide some help, advice and guidance to brides and grooms to be out there.

Together our fight against Covid 19 is totally reliant on people conforming to social distancing, and comes with strict guidance from the government.

If your wedding date is due within the next 8-12 weeks you should probably be discussing postponement with your wedding suppliers. 

The whole events industry in the UK which employs 530,000 people in over 25,000 businesses has essentially just written off an entire year of trading worth over 39 billion to the UK Economy. With that in mind you can imagine that all thoughts are on when we can get back to business as usual – and of course our future weddings and events.

I have of course been in contact with all my amazing couples for this year. Some couples, without hesitation have already spoken to all their wedding suppliers and moved their wedding date to either the last quarter of 2020 or early 2021.

Some couples are still waiting to see what happens, still hoping that they can indeed marry in the summer of 2020 (understandably so). Some couples are asking to hold multiple dates until they make a decision.

In case this emergency ends in a couple of months as happened in China, it may be necessary to be careful with social relationships for a further several weeks. The wedding industry is an awesome one to belong to. So many suppliers that are passionate about what they do – they will just want to advise and help in any way they can. 

My advice would be to make a decision. This way you will be able to focus on your wedding planning for whatever date in the future you choose, rather than worry and stress about a date that is up and coming….is or isn’t happening, may or may not happen. 

You will still get married. Remember that the only thing will change is the date. Here are some links that can help with information from top industry wedding sites:

Rock My Wedding 






Wedding Plan Insurance


Stay safe, stay well and be kind, look out for one another. Pick up the phone if you want to hear someone passionate talk about weddings, or if you just want to rant! x


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