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How to choose the right wedding photographer? Where do you begin on how to find the right wedding photographer for you? I really empathize with couples who are newly engaged and are excited about planning their wedding day. There is so much choice on every aspect of your wedding day – it’s totally mind boggling.

We are all photographers today……….right? The amount of guests and family members who have their mobile phones present all day at weddings is always on the rise. But the quality will never be as good as your chosen wedding photographer. They are not trained to capture emotion in their images or have a great idea about how to light people or venues.

I am fortunate to exhibit at The National Wedding Show at London’s Olympia every February. I do this show over three days every year because I get to meet awesome couples face to face. It gives me an opportunity to hear about their needs, wants and expectations for their very special day.

So here a few top tips on how to choose the right wedding photographer for your day.

Style: A wedding photographers website is full of images – which is just like window shopping. You will be drawn to some images rather than others. Do your homework and choose some styles that you like. This is a great way to start.

Candid: Most couples I speak to love the idea of candid wedding photography. Couples love the idea of seeing themselves and their family and friends ‘caught in the moment’. This is a skill that wedding photographers possess (and not something that can just happen). If you like this style – ask the photographer to explain how they capture candid photographs. Also ask them what they believe makes a great candid image. For me an image without feeling or emotion is really not an image at all.

Formal: At every wedding I photograph there is an element of posed or formal images to be taken of friends and family members. These formal photographs (in my opinion) are super important. These are the images that will be printed, put into frames and stay on mantle pieces for decades. Make sure your chosen photographer is happy to take these kind of images in a fun, stressless manner – so this is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Guidance: As a wedding photographer I have been to 100’s of weddings. I am privy to the all aspects that make up a wedding day. Therefore, try and choose a photographer that will share their experience of weddings with you. This will help you get the very best out of your day.

Testimonials / Reviews: Check out their reviews on social media sites such as Facebook / Instagram etc. It’s good to read kind words from previous couples to see if there is a common thread that runs through that is really important to you both.

Personality: You need to be able to ‘feel’ that you get on with your wedding photographer from the get go. They need to make you both feel comfortable and that you can ask any questions. You will be asking your chosen wedding photographer to mix and mingle with your dearest family and friends for 10 hours plus. In my opinion they need to be able to get the very best out of people, make everyone feel at ease and feel special. This is how you get a story or awesome wedding day photography.

I hope this concise blog is of help. To help you even further – I do recommend that potential couples book in a FaceTime / SKYPE or good old fashioned phone call with me. These can be booked in Monday to Thursday anytime up until 9.30pm. It’s something that potential couples find really useful – and really helps them with one part of the decision making process!



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