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Twenty Twenty was the year of intimate wedding photography for me and so many others. Who could have predicted that best of 2020 wedding photographer blogs would be full of couples with less than 30 people at their wedding?

Intimate wedding photography is where it was at for me in twenty twenty and it was so very special. 

I have had couples move their wedding dates over four times, some couples moving their weddings years ahead and some couples calling me with 24 hours notice to say that they are going for it.

Firstly I am very grateful to all the incredible married couples who chose me to capture their love story and intimate wedding celebration. I have met some amazing couples who have decided that ‘love is all you need’ and got married against the odds. So many couples who had an idea of what they wanted their big day to be…only to change all their plans, deciding that they just wanted to be married regardless who was there to witness. Infact, I have been a witness as well as a wedding photographer for two weddings in twenty twenty – which was an absolute privilege.

Looking back on twenty twenty I adored photographing smaller, intimate weddings and decided I wanted to do more of them. So I changed my packages and now offer a 3 hour wedding package for this very reason. I felt blessed to be doing this kind of work when there was so much negativity (and still do).

My last wedding for twenty twenty was on 19th December at Leatherhead Registry Office. I have been fortunate to work at The Bingham, Petersham Hotel, York House in Richmond Upon Thames. Shout out to all the staff working through the pandemic to ensure couples are married. All great venues to work with in such challenging times.

The wedding industry has been hit really hard by this awful pandemic, so many of my friends and colleagues are just wanting to get back out there to work. We know how important getting married is to every couple we are working with, and hope that in the not too distant future we can do what we do best – and capture moments that couples will treasure forever when it comes to their wedding day.

So for the last few weeks I have had the tough task of choosing some of my favourite images from literally hundreds of images. I have gone with my gut feel on how I remember that particular moment. Here are some of my faves from a different, challenging but equally rewarding year because of the couples I worked with. Stay safe out there everyone and hope you like my choices!

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