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A pre wedding photoshoot in London is always very special. Most of my couples love to choose parks or places that have green spaces. Which don’t get me wrong I love doing. However I also love a more contemporary pre wedding photoshoot in London. A simple walk along London’s Southbank to Borough Market is a great way to incorporate the vibrance of London. Lucy and Greg are getting married in December. Their venue is a London one and it’s The Anthologist – which is uber awesome.

There are some awesome backgrounds that are more conducive to a ‘gritty’ kind of shoot. They had a very unconventional wedding planned. So it was only natural to set them up for an unconventional pre wedding photoshoot. Here are my top tips for a London pre wedding photo shoot: 

Location: Think about what is important to you both. You may want to take advantage of the amazing Spring or Autumn colours whilst strolling through the park or nearby river. Towns, old doorways, brick walls and even corrugated iron shutter doors make a quirky and cool backdrop that is a little more edgy – and you could literally be anywhere.

Most importantly, is there a place that reminds you both of each other? Strolling through antique markets, chilling out in coffee shops and even bars also make a great photoshoot – it does not always have to be outdoors.

What to wear: This is the most popular question I am asked – so here are my recommendations. Be comfy. Don’t go for just black or white if you can help it, equally you don’t want to wear too many colours that will clash against a beautiful and timeless Autumn / Summer woodland scene. If the suns out – bring your shades (everyone looks uber cool with a pair of these on) it also gives a great alternative look to the photoshoot.

If you prefer to dress up a bit and bring some lovely suede boots / shoes, just make sure you bring a bag with some extra footwear in (as we could be walking to a great destination for the shoot and you can change into your photoshoot footwear when we get there). The most important thing to remember is that you both feel good, and are comfortable!

Morning of afternoon: I prefer to do engagement photoshoots either in the morning or late afternoon. Why? Well the light is super lovely in the morning or the afternoon. If there is an epic sunset as our backdrop – who would not want that in their photograph?

As well as capturing some fab images that make you look like something off an Album cover, it’s all about having fun. Some of the best images are captured in-between you both posing for the shot. So, I will direct you both, but not overly…just enough to make sure we are getting the best of you both. Happy days.

Thanks Lucy and Greg you were so ace to work with, here are a few of my fave images from the morning x


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