Why are pre wedding photoshoots for couples so important?

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I often have potential brides and grooms as me “Why are pre wedding photoshoots so important?” This is a very good question, and one I hope to help you understand the reasons why in this blog.

Pre wedding photoshoots, engagement photography or couples photoshoots will put you in good stead for your very big day. You will invest a heap load of time planning for your very special day (not to mention the investment side). Ultimately, it’s the photographs from this day that will help you relive your day forever – so why not have a practice…….

Practice: I have never met a couple that are used to being on the other side of the lens, in front of practically a total stranger. We are all great at taking selfies, and editing them to our own style. A full blown ‘real’ pre wedding photoshoot is different.

Experience – Tips + Tricks: I photograph lovely couples week in, week out. Every couple is different – however there are some constants that crop up that I can help you enhance your own unique posing style. My aim is to achieve non-cheesy, natural pre wedding photography.

What a difference 1 hour makes!: The couples I have a pre wedding photoshoot with are definitely more prepared for their day. They do remember the small tips and tricks I work with them on. Equally, I am also educated by what style a couple is most suited to when we have a pre wedding photoshoot. This is photography ‘gold’ when it comes to your big day.

Fun: It will give us an opportunity to get to know each other, just that little bit better before your big day. Most groom’s to be would rather be anywhere else than in front of the lens for a practice photoshoot. However, all couples tell me at the end of their pre wedding photoshoot that they have fun, and enjoyed themselves. Boom!

So whether you are a morning or afternoon couple. If you prefer an urban background or a woodland scene, check out my favourite pre wedding images below. Feel free to get in touch for more details about how a pre wedding photoshoot can enhance your wedding day images.

Some lovely words: I came across Laura Lees when I was looking for a photographer who would take natural looking photos. Her work absolutely hit the mark for me and I was thrilled to be working with her! 

My fiancé and I did not know what to expect before our engagement shoot as we had never done anything like that before, but she made the whole process fun. She was so helpful and found amazing places to photograph us that I never would have thought of.

After looking at the photos and sharing them with family, I can say I absolutely cannot wait for her to be our photographer at our wedding and to see the amazing memories she will capture from our special day. – Keren + Scott


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