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I always love photographing weddings at York House in Twickenham. I have been very fortunate over the last few months as I have been busy with more intimate weddings. This is my first blog post for a few months and as we near the end of 2020 I intend to blog a little more! 

I arrived to capture some moments of both Helen and Theo getting ready at The Petersham Hotel in Richmond Upon Thames (one of my faves). Zoom calls to family members, some champagne and a ‘no fuss’ approach was very refreshing to capture. It was mid September and they were blessed with the most incredible weather for their day.

I have photographed small intimate ceremonies and weddings in the past. As you can imagine, this one was very scaled back. Just the bride and groom and some of their close family members (with a lot of ‘zooming’ to relatives abroad). Once Helen and Theo were in their finest we took the opportunity to use the backdrop of Petersham Meadows for some pre wedding photos. Helen wore the most incredible red dress (traditional colour in China), with Theo looking ever so dapper in light blue.

Their ceremony was at York House in Twickenham and was very simple and meaningful. With a glass of bubbles in their hands we embarked on using the extensive grounds surrounding York House for some couple photography. These images will transport them back to this very moment, and having a gallery of images from this ‘moment in time’ to share with loved ones who were unable to be part of this moment.

Helen and Theo were fabulous to be around. This young couple just wanted to get married to one another and start their journey as husband and wife. No flowers, no reception, no band, no DJ, no extensive five course meal, no photo booth. It does make you realise what is actually really important, especially in times like these. A couple, who are in love that want to exchange precious vows and be together forever. Simply lovely. Helen and Theo you were a joy to work with, thanks for being so amazing from start to finish. Wish you both the very best for your future together.

Here are some of my favourite images for your special day…..enjoy x

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